Changing it up

I’ll get down to business:
This blog will no longer be working on a ‘story a day’ basis, which has been fun but lately become a bit more of a chore. And writing should never be a chore!
Thank you to everyone who visited and read my humble collection.

Essentially, I’ll be treating this more like the personal portfolio I’d first intended, where I’ll post stories when I feel like it with the main purpose of getting criticism from people I know in real life (like a chump!).
I don’t expect anyone to stick around and read anything else, but if you’re into raw, unrefined, 1st draft ideas, feel free!

I will be doing a story a day blog, in time, where I’ll post actual, worthwhile content. Stories that have been thought about and edited, rather than the first thing I can churn out in time. That probably won’t happen anytime soon, though.



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