Mirror Mirror

*Wordcount: 692 words.

I stood dead still, eyes wide. Shock and fear permeated my thoughts, and I was frozen in place. That is to say, I literally couldn’t move. My vision darted across the room, looking for anything that could help me. Of course, there was nothing, and my bathroom seemed like something out of a nightmare.
So I stayed where I was, and stared at the mirror.
All while I smiled back at myself.

I wasn’t sure how this all came about, I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth and taking care of my usual routine, and then…
My reflection moved. Or, rather, didn’t move when it was supposed to.
That had been a few minutes ago, and I hadn’t been able to move since. My reflection just stood there, watching me and smiling.
“Having some trouble?” She asked mockingly.
I tried to speak, to scream for help, but I couldn’t. My mouth refused to open.
“Seems like,” she chuckled. “Now, I suggest you settle in. This will take a while.”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, and I wasn’t exactly in a position to ask.
She still stood there, no longer smiling; she seemed to be concentrating on something now (not me at least).
I figured this could be my chance, and strained as hard as I could. To open my mouth or move my arm or (and this would be my preferred option) run the hell away. Probably need to break all my mirrors after this; the bad luck would be worth it.
Then, I felt it.
I had clenched my hand!

I did it a few times, to make sure, but it was also about all I could do. Regardless, I figured the ‘other me’ was losing her focus on whatever was keeping me here.
I kept forcing movement, willing my body to respond.
Suddenly, she looked me dead in the eyes.
“I can’t have you doing that, I need you to behave.”
She lifted her hand, grabbed her pinkie, and gave me a chilling grin.

The pain from my broken finger was excruciating, but all I could do was stand there. In pain, and terrified. I would have been crying if I could: not even my tears seemed to be responding.
“It won’t take much longer. Relatively speaking.”

‘It’ took hours. I didn’t try run again, I couldn’t if I had wanted. The ‘reflection from hell’ stared me down every now and then, and I could barely even feel my body anymore, it was all just numb.
“Nearly done,” she cocked her head to the side. “Wanna see?”
I didn’t respond, obviously, but it didn’t seem to matter to her.
That’s when I raised my arm.
Well, actually, she raised my arm.

A half hour later, and she was done. I matched her every movement as she treated her broken finger and tidied up. She winked at the mirror as she walked out.
I winked back.



And, that’s where I am. Stuck in this mirror, my body possessed by my reflection.
Not really a thought I expected to be having.

I am still in the bathroom. The ‘mirror bathroom’, I guess. Everything is inversed, like in a mirror image. Quaint.

I had an idea. I reached down, and grabbed a disposable razor.

It took some time to break it open, and my fingers suffered a few cuts, but I had my prize.
If she could break my finger, maybe I could affect her too.

The next time she came to the mirror, I copied every move. I didn’t exactly have a choice, whatever she did to me seemed to be working well.
But I was going to have the last laugh.

As soon as she left sight of the mirror, I drew the razor across my neck.
The blood was warm, and flowed freely.

She stumbled in, grabbing at her throat as the blood spilled out. Tears streamed down her face as she looked at the mirror, before collapsing onto the cold floor.

That possession didn’t work out like I’d hoped. This happens all too often with the feisty ones.
Oh well, win some, lose some.


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