Great White

*Wordcount: 263 words.

Underwater, it is quiet. Still. Dark. Occasional movement disturbs the eerie peace. A shadow glides over a school of fish, and they scatter. Much closer to the surface, a fin pierces the waves.
The Great White’s powerful tail propels its full five metres forward lazily, cruising. The fin soon dips below the water, and the shadow sinks.

Elsewhere, a colony of seals lounges along the rocks. Basking and barking in the warmth of the late-afternoon sun, they are oblivious. Some peruse the waters, swimming with sharp turns and impressive feats of agility.
The grey colouring of the shark’s top conceals it from view, and it approaches unseen.

Below, the Great White is ready. With a morsel chosen, it angles itself, and shoots forward.

Aside from the seals’ barking and the cry of seagulls, the surface is quiet. Three seals are swimming a small distance from the rocks. An unknown tension fills the air.
There was no warning. There were no sounds.
No Jaws theme music.

The water erupts, and two of the seals are cast aside by the sheer force. The third one is firmly in the jaws of the Great White, already dead.
The full five metres of shark are propelled out of the water, if only for a moment.
The Great White falls heavily back into the water, the dead seal hanging limply gripped by the shark’s formidable serrated teeth.

The seals are in a frenzy, barking and swaying. Those in the water swiftly exit.
The Great White swims below, triumphant. A trail of blood dissipates in the water behind it.


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