The Day the World Stood Still

*Wordcount: 489 words.

The day the world stood still was an important day for Adam. Of course, the world didn’t really stand still, but it certainly seemed that way to Adam. There were many milestones that day. He had just finished the biggest report he would ever get, and was relieved to be seeing the last of it. Not to mention it was his birthday, which made things even better. But best of all, it was Friday! Which meant Silly-Hat-Friday at the office, and he loved that! He was wearing a little party hat, considering what a great day he was having! Unfortunately, for him, that was also the day that he died.

Adam had never been lucky. He didn’t believe in luck, but bad things seemed to follow him around. Like when he was a kid, and things in his house used to fall on him so often and so hard that he would’ve sworn they were being thrown. There was also that one date he went on, which ended with him on fire with a broken femur and a dislocated shoulder. Their second date didn’t go much better. Oh, and there was that thing with the bear when he went hiking last month. That one was weird! ‘Huh,’ he thought; as he fell from the 23rd floor of his office building. ‘Maybe I’ve had it a little more rough than most.’ Adam didn’t let this thought bring him down; gravity would do that on its own. Besides, he believed that you played the hand you were dealt. He was not one for complaining. No sir! He found a way to be happy with most things in his life. ‘Although,’ he conceded. ‘I’m not sure what the upside is here.’

As he tried to wrap his head around the situation, he realised he had been pushed! Yes, it was clearer now. He had walked in on some ‘Top Secret’ meeting while looking for the bathroom (needing to clean off bits of his birthday cake that a colleague had accidently dropped on him. He hadn’t even gotten a slice!). The lower level bathrooms were out of order, and he had never been as high as the 23rd floor. But he had been told that it had a working bathroom, so he went to look around. He wasn’t paying much attention though, on account of him thinking about the little Birthday Bonus they gave to employees, and ended up walking right past the bathroom and into the executive meeting room. As soon as he did, two armed men escorted him to the window, which they then assisted him through.

This led him to where he was, falling. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The glass falling around him looked like a rainbow – a rainbow cloud almost! Adam smiled at that. He noticed his party hat, floating down after him. It made him feel festive, despite the falling thing.

Then he hit the ground.


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